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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Definitions: Roman Shades

Welcome to the 2nd installment of the Definitions Segment today we are going to define and discuss Roman Shades and some of the many different styles available.

Definition: SHADE = An Operational device used to reduce or screen light or heat.

Definition: ROMAN SHADE = A treatment of flat fabric that can be raised or lowered by a cord. Variation include horizontal pleats sewn to the back, decorative pleats sewn to the front and permanent soft folds.

Let's discuss a few variations of the Roman shade.

Flat Roman: hangs flat when in down position

Relaxed or Soft Roman: has permanent fold in the bottom of the shade that form a "smile" when up or down.

Hobbled, Soft Fold or Waterfall: A shade that has permanent soft folds whether up or down.

Tucked : has tucks that are sewn into the shade - the tucks can be to the front or the back of the shade.

Slatted: this version has tucks that are sewn in the shade (either to the front or the back) and have a thin board inserted. Can create a very modern zen like look.

Two other versions worth mentioning here are the Butterfly and dog-eared roman

There are many other versions of this versatile window treatment. As with any custom window treatment many times the only limitation is your imagination and the fabric you choose to use.

I would be very remiss to end the the topic of roman shades before mentioning the need for safety. Because these treatments require the use of cords to operate, it is very important that these cords be secured (especially in homes with children) - please use a the Cord/Bead chain Retainer for continuous loop chains.

and cord lock w/a cord condenser (this will allow multiple cords to feed in the condenser and only one to come out to operate the shade).

This small effort will help prevent many accidents and make your home safer.

*all photos are of work fabricated by Cord & Pleat Design, inc.
*sketches courtesy of: "The Design Directory of Window Treatments" by Jackie VonTobel
*Cord lock and Cord condenser photos - courtesy of Rowely, Co.


  1. I recognize those apple shades!And, they are just as lovely, maybe a little dusty! Lol!

  2. LOL - you are too funny - really proud of how those turned out...wondered if you would notice I used them in the blog!! :)

  3. Very informative! I may be referring customers to your blog for education.