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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Projects in the Studio...

Here's a quick update on projects in progress at the studio....

I don't know about you, but I love seeing before and after shots. That's why I try to photograph the fabrics and trims before I begin the projects and then again after - even if I never see the treatments in their "new home" atleast I have a bit of memory of them. I guess it's kinda like having the baby pics from the hospital!

Okay, here's a few projects currently in the studio.

I showed this photo earlier for this project but wanted to share it side by side with the finished pics..

Here's a few new photos of projects that I've started and will be started....

This fabric and trim will be 2 arched box pleated valances - hope to have them done before the weekend!

More box pleated valances and panels. There is a trim for the bottom of these valances - have not received it yet!

More pretty fabric - this job will be panels and
pillows to start next week. Again there will be lead edge trim on the panels - not pictured.

Again Gold/Beige linen - same as the 2 story panels from weeks ago - now will be motorized roman shades....

That's about it for now.... will post completed photos in a few weeks!!!

I am working to get my posts on a regular schedule - some how life seems to change my schedule more often than I'd like. But definitely a goal to work toward!!!