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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photo Feature: Shaped Box Pleated Valances

I thought I’d start the new year by starting a new feature – I’ll share photos of a project and discuss any special issues, concerns or issues that were considered in creating just the “right” look for the project. Okay, so much for talk …let’s get to it!

9-12-2007 (2)

9-12-2007 (1)

On this bay window the decorator asked me to create 3 shaped box pleated valances w/bias banding, micro cording and decorative trim. 2 small and 1 large.

My task was to take the “theme” fabric and make sure that the showed well on both the flat scalloped sections and the pleated sections of the valances. I wanted the scene to fill out the section but not look too crowed. Due to the size difference on the scalloped sections it was necessary to chose 2 different sections of the fabric to “showcase”. Both the end sections (small) feature the same scene and both sections on the center (large) valance are a different scene. I tied it all together by featuring the same scene on the pleats. This created a cohesive treatment and allowed more of the fabric to show.