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Friday, March 6, 2009

High Ho High Ho......

High Ho, High Ho it's off to work I go. When I hear that like most others I see the dwarfs in "Snow White" shouldering their tools and marching down the road to work - all the while "whistling" as they go...

Isn't that how we should be? Shouldn't we do something in our lives that we are truly happy to do. For the lack of a better word...Passionate! I am one of those who is truly blessed to have found the work that I am truly passionate about. I know that seem strange when you think of what I do - I plan, design, cut and sew a quote/unquote Luxury product. In these times people are cutting back on "luxuries" - well, so far I haven't seen the effects of this in any major way - so either I have my head stuck in the sand or I'm doing something right (I must have someone looking out for me!!).

I believe that everyone deserves to have a home/office environment that they enjoy - that makes them feel good. It is said that when we like our surroundings we are happier more productive people. Well, with all the "doom & gloom" and "rage" issues out there I hope I can bring a bit of light and sunshine in to the lives of those that I am able to touch and in the mean time I get the added blessing of it bring me joy too.

So maybe as you pass those things we all take for granted or wish we had - you'll remember to look around for those things that bring light into your life today! And take a little time to add a bit of light and joy to your life and that of your family and friends by creating "environments" that bring happiness - even in the smallest ways. The use of a favorite color, a fabric pattern that makes one happy, a bit of whimsy....just use that great creative mind you were given and I know you'll come up with something..and if you get stuck and need help - well you know who to call - that "crazy" "loopy" drapery lady!!!

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