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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Springing into Panels!!!

Yes, It’s coming up Panels all over my studio! All my upcoming projects are Panels – with a few pillows thrown in! Panels can be simple or elaborate, they add a splash of design and color to any room! And there are more pleat styles than I can name – but by far the three most popular (in my area at least)


 Pinch Pleat  Sketch curtesy of Jackie VonTobel Design Directory


Euro (or Fan) Pleat


Goblet Pleat

Design Directory Sketches 508 



Here are some the newest project fabrics that have come in here at the studio!

horizonal striperustgoldbrown126_2687

This fabric was used to make these reverse tuck panels (a great option to Flat panels – the small tucks give a bit of fullness even when fully closed!)






This is the project I am starting today: A pair of stationary Goblet pleated panels w/Functioning Pinch Pleated sheers underneath!



Next weeks Panels: Functioning Reverse Tuck Panels for 10ft wide windows








Week of the 17th – I will be working on these fun panels on the left w/Grommet Tops and Lead Edge Beaded Trim! On the Right is a Window Seat Cushion for the same room (Body is Pink & Cording is the print).  Also that week I have another set of panels for the Master Bedroom in same home – fabric is on back order. And the following week it’s 2 more teen bedrooms for same family (no fabrics in studio yet!)


  1. Oh, that looks like a fun room ! Gotta love hot pink damask.

  2. I know isn't it totally fun - can't wait to see the fabrics and trims for the other 2 young ladies in the household!!!