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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Getting my blog connected...

I'm still working on getting this blog connected in all the places I would like it to be connected. Hopefully, I'll have a sideshow up and running by next week. For some reason it will take that long for it to show up on the internet with the "flickr" program I chose to host it... Oh well, I'm just hoping those interested in my musing and conundrums will find this blog at least entertaining. I work alone so much that sometimes my best amusement is to laugh at myself and the things that test my endurance. The panels didn't get completed today, however, I am hopeful that I will accomplish this tomorrow afternoon. The adjustments on the cornices is about 98% complete - just have to hand sew the trim that had to be added due to the increase in width that was needed for them to fit.

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